Dr. Robert Williamson Jr. shares five resources he found useful in developing a pedagogy for using Twitter in the classroom. The full post may be read on Eduhacker, but the shortlist is included below.

1.  “Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter“. For me, the starting point for learning how to use Twitter pedagogically is this old post from Mark Sample over at ProfHacker. Sample answers some of the basic questions about how to set up a course using Twitter and how to overcome some common problems.

2. “A Framework for Teaching with Twitter”. The most useful piece of this post is a chart showing how to use Twitter, ranging from passive to active and from monologic to dialogic. A helpful way of imagining the range of what it spossible!

3. “22 Effective Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom“. My favorite thing about this post is that it organizes its discussion of Twitter according to Bloom’s Taxonomy, helping you see how Twitter can be employed toward a variety of pedagogical goals.

4. “Using Twitter–But Not in the Classroom“. This post discusses using Twitter as a way of creating conversation among students outside of the classroom. Much of my own teaching with Twitter is along these lines.

5. “Teaching with Twitter“. This post from an English professor discusses her use of Twitter as a pedagogical tool. Lots of great insights and advice for setting up your own classroom!

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