Faculty can use the Attendance activity in Moodle to track student attendance in classes. Also, when a student enters a Moodle course, they can see the number of times they have been present and absent in a course, as well as the percentage of both.  In Moodle, you have choices of marking the student as follows: Present, Late, Excused, Absent, and a blank exists for comments, such as why a student was excused (illness, sports, etc.). If attendance is part of the grade, you can assign the total grade for attendance as well.

More than one Attendance activity can be added to a Moodle course. For example, if you wanted to track participation, or weekly journal entries, or other creative uses of the Attendance activity.

The attached handout will give you a list of steps to add, configure, and use the Attendance Activity.

Adding an Attendance Activity in Moodle

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