Tim Lepczyk is the Director of Faculty Instructional Technology. He is the campus administrator for Moodle, and provides one-on-one help and workshops for faculty.

Tim can consult with you regarding the pedagogy behind using a specific technology and is familiar with WordPress, blogging, social media, flipped learning, digital storytelling, teleconferencing, Turnitin, Google apps for education, and more.

His office is on the first floor of Bailey Library, near the Bibliographic Instruction Lab.

If you are seeking specific answers to campus technology or are having a technology problem that needs addressing, please search the Help Desk.

Timothy A. Lepczyk
Director of Faculty Instructional Technology
Bailey Library
Hendrix College
Office: (501) 505-1578

Other Service Points

Classroom Technology & AV Equipment Immediate Problem
HelpDesk, 450-1340

Classroom Technology & AV Recurring Problem or Need

Videoconference Planning & Support
Bobby Engler-Young, Media Center, SLTC

 Video Recording of Events & Video Production Consultation
Travis Peeples, Media Center, SLTC,

Planning Audio-Visual Technology for Events
Meagan Stephenson, Media Center, SLTC,

Telephone/computer tech and software installation
Carla Garrett, SLTC, Extension 1340 (Help Desk),