Dr. Felix Kronenberg, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures and Director of the Language Learning Center at Rhodes College, made an excellent case for the effectiveness of digital storytelling as tool for language learning in a recent ACS webinar. Broadly defining digital storytelling as the process of pairing images with students’ writing or speech, Kronenberg demonstrated a wide range of possibilities for assignments, including everything from video diaries in which students practice a new language by describing their daily experience across a semester (using a simple software such as VoiceThread), to comic strips that overlay images with student-generated scripts, to machinima–the practice of putting an original audio track over a borrowed video clip. In one unique project (the “That’s How I Got to Memphis Project”), Kronenberg asked students to interview immigrants in the Memphis community about their experience of learning to live in a new culture, then create a short film using material gathered from those interviews.

Digital Storytelling and the L2 Curriculum

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