I’m offering a few different training sessions for Moodle next week. If you have not already contacted me, please respond to this email and let me know which session you wish to attend. The Bib Lab’s capacity is twenty-one people.

The first introductory workshop is Wednesday, 8/20/14, from 9-10 am. We’ll cover the basics of navigating Moodle and setting up your course. We’ll also go over adding assignments and Turnitin assignments, the Moodle gradebook, as well as student peer-review.

If that time doesn’t work for you, the training session will be repeated on Thursday, 8/21/14, from 9-10 am.

From 10:15-11:15 am on Thursday, 8/21/14, we’ll again cover Moodle gradebook, as well as quizzes and discussion forums.

On Thursday afternoon from 1:30-3:30 pm, I’ll be in the Bib Lab and we’ll have a drop-in session for faculty to either work on their courses or get help with Moodle.

Finally, on Friday, 8/22/14, from 9-10 am, the training will be focused more on assignments, Turnitin assignments, gradebook, and wikis.

If none of those times work for you, please let me know and I can set up some more training times or I can work with you one-on-one.

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