One of the most common requests we receive in our Instructional Technology area is something along the lines of:

I need [software name] to do [teaching function]. Can you get it for me?

The short and simple answer is “Yes, we can get it for you.

However, the potentially disappointing coda to this answer is “… but YOU will have to pay for it from YOUR departmental budget.


Campus-wide, we have licenses for our operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc.) and for our Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook). For all other software requests, those purchases need to be made through – and paid for by – individual departments.

Technology Services can help you place the order for the software that you need, install the software once it’s on campus, and even help you and your department locate and acquire funding for the requested software (through capital requests, grant writing, or even by helping you write a request into your next operating budget).

But we simply don’t have general funds for the purpose of buying software on an ad hoc basis.

Our Instructional Technology folks are well versed in helping you locate the best (if not the most economical and sustainable) solution for your pedagogical need. There are often open-source – or even free – solutions available, when funding is not readily at hand.

Please call us at 1340 or send us an email at, if you need assistance navigating this process.

We’re here to help!

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