Have you ever had a video you wanted your students to watch outside of class so they would be ready for class discussion?  You can embed videos from YouTube into Moodle. Advantages of embedding videos inside Moodle include: (1) Creating an assignment that includes guided watching of the passage; (2) Having only the video desired appear and without commercials before the video; and (3) Creating an uninterrupted environment for the student to watch the video, free of all of the other “suggested” videos along the side of the YouTube page.

YouTube videos and any other videos that generate HTML code that can be put inside Moodle will allow that to happen. The following list contains directions for how to do that with YouTube videos.


1. Go to youtube.com and choose the video you wish to save inside Moodle.

2.  With that video on the screen, click the share button below the movie image.

3. To the right of Share this video, click Embed.

4. The HTML code on the page might look like this:

html code
5.  In the drop-down menu, choose the size you want the video to be. I choose one of the middle sizes listed. Copy (CTRL + C) the HTML code in the box (to insert into Moodle).

6.  Open Moodle and go into your course. Turn Editing on, and go to Add Resource, and choose Page.  Fill in a title and description in the top box under General.  In the box that says Content, Page Content, click the button on the third row with HTML on it.

7.  Paste the code you got in youtube to embed that video onto this page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Display.

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  • Hammad

    Hey thanks, but I want the embedded video to play automatically when someone opens the page. I can’t find any code for this, any help will be appreciated.


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