Perhaps you have two sections of the same course, OR you taught a course last year and painstakingly spent time getting your Moodle just the way you wanted it. Regardless of the reason, you would like to copy (import) that material into another course.  Here are the steps to do that. Steps with screenshots are on Moodle’s documentation site.

1.       Go to the current semester course or where you wish to place material used in a past semester’s course.

2.      Under Settings, click Import.

3.      A list comes up, if you see the course you want to import from, click the radio button in front of it and press continue. If you do not see the course, type  the Course Full Name in the search blank and look for it, and then select it, and continue.

4.      On the Initial settings screen, no changes needed, so click Next.

5.      On the Schema settings screen, deselect any materials you do not want to be transferred to the current course, and click next.

6.      Confirm and review. Green check marks beside the items you want to bring into the new course. Click previous to make changes, or click Perform Import to put those materials in the new course.

Note:  If you have used a different theme (background) for your course, the background does not move with the import. All materials should appear in the new course.

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