MOOCs were a popular topic in 2012, but seemed mostly to center around R1 institutions. Last year, Wesleyan became the first liberal arts college to offer MOOCs. One year later they are ready to share what it was like to join Coursera and teach massively open online courses. Join us in the Bib Lab, September 20th at 1:30 pm for an online discussion led by instructional technologists and librarians from Wesleyan University.

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When: 9/20/2013 at 1:30 pm

Where: Bib Lab, Bailey Library

Duration: 2 hours, but feel free to drop in and out as need be.


Wesleyan University joined in September 2012, and will have run five courses by May 2013, covering topics in art, humanities, social sciences, and statistics. The experience of jumping into an operation dominated by large R1 institutions was daunting, with a completely unknown set of tasks and challenges before us, a small (and otherwise occupied) staff , and few resources. There was considerable debate among the Wesleyan faculty body over the decision to join and even the instructors selected to teach courses were not uniformly enthusiastic about the impending adventure. But to the amazement of those same instructors and staff alike, the experience was not just exhausting (as expected), but surprisingly exhilarating. Many colleagues have asked us why we joined a MOOC operation, what it cost, how we did it, and what we’ve learned—and we are eager to share our answers and new outlook.


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