Moodle address:
Login: Username (no “”) and password


Home Page Overview

When you log in to using your username (minus the, and your regular Hendrix password, the home page will display. When you enter a course, course activities can be found in the center column. When you scroll up and down, you will see links to these activities.

My Courses

Under Navigation at the left, click on My courses to view your courses in Moodle. Those courses in which faculty do not elect to use Moodle will not show up.

Latest News

The Latest News block is a section that notifies students of updates in the current course. This section is directly connected to the news forum and provides updates from the instructor only.


Activities are interactive components of the course, like submitting assignments that will be graded upon completion. The Activities section lists and allows navigation between the different activities available in your course (Forums, Readings, Handouts, Quizzes, Assignments, and so forth).


The Calendar shows the current date and any other important dates on the Moodle homepage. The current date is outlined. A legend displays at the bottom of the calendar with an events key. Most dates will have an orange box behind them, meaning a reminder for everyone in the course.

Quizzes in Moodle

Taking Quizzes

  1. Click on the quiz.
  2. Click Attempt quiz now.
  3. Follow the instruction for the question. Once your answer is satisfactory, click Submit. 4. If there is more than one page of questions, click Next to see more questions. Once all the questions have been answered, click Submit all and finish to complete the quiz. Note: Not all faculty use the quiz function.

Viewing Quiz Results

  1. Click on the name of a quiz you have taken.
  2. Under the Attempt column, click on the number that appears below
  3. The quiz will be displayed allowing you to see your responses as well as the answers, if the instructor has set up the quiz so that you can see quiz results.

Checking Grades

On the left side of the page, under Administration, click Grades.