To easily share presentation slides with students and save space on Moodle there are a couple of easy tricks you case use. The first option is to create a PDF of your slides. To do this, click File in Powerpoint and select Save As. On the window that appears, select PDF, and you’re done. You can now upload the PDF to Moodle.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.56.51 PM
Saving a file as a PDF will reduce file size and allow students to view the presentation even if they don’t have Powerpoint installed.

Another option is to upload your presentation to Slideshare. If you’re not familiar with Slideshare, it’s an online service for sharing presentations. Before you dive in though, there may be some privacy concerns to consider. If you’re using a free account, then all of the presentations you upload will be publicly viewable. In order to make presentations privately viewable, you need to purchase a pro account, which costs $114 annually through Slideshare’s educational license. To embed your presentation on Moodle, the method is similar to embedding video on Moodle.

I’ve embedded one of my old presentations as an example.

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